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Maritime Dev Con 2010 Followup

The Maritime Dev Con was a huge success. About 95 people total attended the event making it a huge success for developers in the Maritimes. I had a great time at the event and met a bunch of really cool people.

The presentations I gave went well with a number of attendees. I’m putting up the slides from the presentation here in case you want to review them.

I’m also going to include the sample code from the presentations. The samples was for the modern hello world example in Java and Groovy. It used the twitter API to query MaritimeDevCon from twitter to find my ‘Hello World’ tweet.

Modern Java Development

Slides: MaritimeDevCon2010 – Java Jumpstart

package com.chrisdail.monctondevcon;

import java.util.List;
import twitter4j.*;

public class ModernHelloWorld {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws TwitterException {
        Twitter twitter = new TwitterFactory().getInstance();
        Query query = new Query("MaritimeDevCon");
        List<Tweet> tweets = twitter.search(query).getTweets();
        for (Tweet tweet : tweets) {
            System.out.println(tweet.getFromUser() + ": " + tweet.getText());

Groovy Primer

Slides: MaritimeDevCon2010 – Groovy Primer

import twitter4j.*

def twitter = new TwitterFactory().instance
twitter.search(new Query("MaritimeDevCon")).tweets.each {
    println "$it.fromUser: $it.text"

Maritime DevCon 2010

There is going to be a maritime developers conference coming up on June 18th in Moncton. It is going to be a great opportunity to have developers from Moncton and other areas of the maritimes get together and learn a bit about other languages and technologies they might not have been exposed to. All of the presentations are limited to 45 min and will mostly give an introduction to the language or technology.

Information about the DevCon can be found here: http://careertown.ca/devcon/.

I will be giving two presentations at this conference.

  • Modern Java Development – In this presentation I’m going to give an introduction to Java for non-Java developers. It will cover the basics of knowing where to start and getting started.
  • Groovy Primer – This is essentially going to be a rehash of the Groovy talk I gave at the Maritime Java User’s Group a month or so ago. This will focus on showing what Groovy has to offer (particularly to Java developers) and how to get started with Groovy.

Hope to see you there!

Introduction to Groovy Talk

Last night I gave a talk at the Maritimes Java User Group in Moncton. The presentation was an introduction to Groovy for Java Developers. I had initially done a 3h internal course for iWave Software to bring them up to speed on what Groovy is and why we should use it. I took this course and cut the size down a bit (about 1h 15min + questions) for the presentation last night.

It was a great third event for the Maritimes JUG in Moncton. We ended up with a few less people than we hoped but everything learned something and had a good time. In case you missed the talk or want a review, I have made the slides used for this presentation available.