Maritime DevCon 2010

There is going to be a maritime developers conference coming up on June 18th in Moncton. It is going to be a great opportunity to have developers from Moncton and other areas of the maritimes get together and learn a bit about other languages and technologies they might not have been exposed to. All of the presentations are limited to 45 min and will mostly give an introduction to the language or technology.

Information about the DevCon can be found here:

I will be giving two presentations at this conference.

  • Modern Java Development – In this presentation I’m going to give an introduction to Java for non-Java developers. It will cover the basics of knowing where to start and getting started.
  • Groovy Primer – This is essentially going to be a rehash of the Groovy talk I gave at the Maritime Java User’s Group a month or so ago. This will focus on showing what Groovy has to offer (particularly to Java developers) and how to get started with Groovy.

Hope to see you there!